The 2.6 Challenge Participants

Thanks to everyone who took part in the #twopointsix challenge which took place on 26 th April which should have been London Marathon day, unfortunately thousands of charities are missing out on much needed funds due to Coronavirus . The #twopointsixchallenge has come up with a solution- to do something, anything, doesn’t matter what it is 2.6/26 times or it can take 26 seconds or minutes. You could run around your garden 26 times, hop for 26 seconds or touch your toes 26 times, whatever! Check out our Facebook and Instagram for photos and videos.

Here are the heroes who took part:

Charlotte McLuskie did a 2.6-minute plank challenge

Matthew Hunt cycled for 2.6 hours on a spinning bike!

Betsy and George Eyre aged 7 and 5 (skipping 26 times in a row and ball throw 26 times)

Our lead music therapist Esther Mitchell has got building works going on at home. Esther reckons that they moved 2.6 tonnes of soil this weekend!

Martin Webster cycled 26. Miles indoors on his zwift

Keen cyclist Matt Plews took part in the #twopointsixchallenge doing 26 keepy uppys, he did a John Terry and dressed in full kit!

Young ambassador Sophie Baylis has also taken part in #TwoPointSixChallenge Sophie kicked the football 26 times!

Our chair Jan Hall decided to do not one but 2 challenges!

Our chair Jan Hall decided to do not one but 2 challenges!
Jan decided to record 26 seconds of a piece that she wrote for Thomas’s Fund’s 10th Anniversary. Jan’s challenge was that she tried to play all four parts herself on the keyboard (with limited technology, and time, to hand)! Below you can see the complete piece played live.

The 2 nd challenge was with her inventive ‘26 T-Shirt Song’ – a mini marathon in itself!

Benji Smith (Harry’s dog) has had a haircut today by his dad, the plan was to try and cut it in 26 minutes. He jumped off the table, almost broke the clippers so it took nearer an hour.
Not bad for a 15-year-old boy!

Sarah, Mark and Charlie Walker scooted/walked 2.6miles in the sunshine.

Frances Dickson and her Dad Andy, long-time supporters of the fund, did a 26 rally playing table tennis, which looked like fun!

Tim Smith (TF volunteer and Tom and Harry’s Dad) did a 26-mile Time Trial. Tim says he tried to average 26mph (25.6mph).

Trustee and Fundraising coordinator Lucy Smith (Tom and Harry’s Mum) cycled 26.6 miles around the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside, where there were so many more cyclists than

Lucy and Tim Smith also took part, together, with a rally of 26 in Bat and Ball (Tim lobbed the ball over to the neighbours and was lost forever!)

Jenni and David Smith (Duston Village Bakery) joined in by rallying 26 balls between them. They said it took half an hour to do it.

Kathryn Cave, one of our fantastic music therapists joined in on the #2.6challenge. Kathryn says it was the first time on a bike in years (maybe 10!!!) and enjoyed 2.6km in the sunshine!

Dennis and Julie Smith (Tom and Harry’s grandparents) joined in the fun by doing several things Dennis cycled up to his allotment (which is 2.6miles) and planted 26 parsnip seeds while there. They also walked 2.6 miles around the local park.

Lynsey Jones ran 2.7 miles.

Thomas’s Fund trustee Kate Tollan did 26 ‘keepy uppys’ with a toilet roll; 26 up-and-down stairs; 26 squats with weights and 2.6m around the park! Kate also thought of 26 things she is grateful for (toilet roll included!). Kate may have finished the challenge with 2.6 litres wine later!

The Mackaness family took part in a run of just over 0.26km

Nate Durnin (aged 6) cycled 26 kilometres, and navigated four cattle grids in the lanes near home.

The Fletcher-Stables made 26 attempts to hit a rally of 26 in a badminton game.

The Music Therapists recorded a video, singing Wind the Bobbin Up (the most requested song in sessions!) for 26 seconds.