Our ‘Sound & Safe’ Campaign (and how to donate should you wish)

We have just launched our ‘Sound & Safe’ Campaign. This is to try to raise funds to provide additional boxes of basic instruments (to use as our Music Therapists try to return to face-to-face work in homes and settings). Due to Covid-19, and the related cleaning protocols required, our Therapists will need more instruments than they had been using before the pandemic. We are, therefore, seeking donations to support this. We will be running activities and challenges, over the next few months (on FaceBook, Instagram etc.). Please get involved in these; spread the word and donate if you are able.

You can donate, if you wish, via:

Virgin Money Giving : http://virginmoneygiving.com/fund/SoundandSafe

Just Giving : https://justgiving.com/campaign/SoundandSafe

You can see our ‘Sound & Safe’ promotional video below: