Movement for Good Award

We are very excited to start using the £50,000 grant, kindly awarded to us by Ecclesiastical. This will fund a project that will provide access for music therapy professionals to work within homes, hospitals and the community, helping around 200 children and young people over two years. As Esther, our Lead Music therapist says:

‘We are absolutely overwhelmed and overjoyed that we got the funding, I cannot believe it! It has been a difficult year. When we first went into lockdown, we were absolutely determined that the families we work with would not be left without any support. This award enables the families we are supporting to have care in a particularly difficult period of time. A grant this size means we can focus on planning ahead and making sure our service is here for years to come.’

We were touched by the reasons, stated by Ecclesiastical, about why they had decided to support us.

 “This focuses on what children can do rather than reminding them of what they can’t/struggle with”.

“What a wonderful way to help children in hospital”.

“Lovely to help very ill children with music therapy and liked the idea it was adapted to each individual child”.

“Provides music therapy to children with complex needs but includes the whole family including siblings”.

“Specialist support for those children that would benefit the most”.

Esther, our Lead Music Therapist, makes music with a child, who is lying in a bed.