Megan’s Story

Megan, a beautiful, smiley little girl with complex needs, including intractable Epilepsy, limited movement, sight impairment and general developmental delay, has accessed music therapy since the age of two through Thomas’s Fund. Music therapy provides her with an outlet for self-expression, a space in which she is enabled and encouraged to use the instruments and her voice to engage in interaction, and to have her say using music as her medium instead of words. During the course of therapy, Megan has become increasingly able to engage in turn-taking vocal and instrumental conversations, to make choices through eye pointing, to track and sound a range of instruments and to take control, leading the music, as she might lead a conversation.

Through Thomas’s Fund she has accessed music therapy at home and whilst in hospital locally during frequent admissions. Even when very unwell, she is responsive to music, giving slight smiles on hearing the familiar hello song and often relaxing into sleep as the music soothes her.