Lucy Smith


Lucy is the mother of Thomas, in whose name the charity was founded, and Harry, who has the same undiagnosed neurodegenerative condition and benefits from music therapy. She is also the fundraising co-ordinator for Thomas’s Fund. She says, “This is a role I can contribute to quite well because I’m the mum of Thomas and Harry. Music therapy is something that I can see the great benefits of for children like mine. Just watching Harry with the therapist I can see how Harry takes the lead in the session, which for a severely disabled child doesn’t happen often. It is wonderful to see your child enjoying themselves and it gives great memories for the parents and family.” Lucy’s role involves meeting people to introduce the fund to them, to encourage them to fundraise and to raise overall awareness. She has lived in Northants all her life and is married to Tim. Benji the dog also helps keep them both busy.