Kettering strikes back!

Thomas’s Fund went collecting on Saturday 13 during Kettfest 2019, a weekend of arts, culture, music, workshops, dancing, local sausages and … Stormtroopers from Star Wars. “Owen’s Troopers” are a group led by Daniel, whose son, Owen, sadly passed away last year having received and benefited from music therapy provided by Thomas’s Fund. (Jan from the Fund can be seen above.) The Troopers make their own frankly superb costumes and encourage people to with make a voluntary donation – persuasion is a little easier when you are a Stormtrooper, or, in the case of the gentleman in red, an Elite Praetorian Guard (as seen in the most recent Star Wars film The Last Jedi). The group have supported Thomas’s Fund a few times now and become good friends of the Fund. 

Sophie Baylis, one our Ambassadors, with the Troopers

The shops “invaded” by our Troopers in Kettering included Bean Hive, which includes action figures among the variety of stock it sells, and a pop-up art shop, created by Kettering & District Arts Society and Friends of Alfred East Gallery and Museum. May the Northamptonshire force be with anyone who kindly donated.

A little essential shopping.