Harry’s Hall Of Heroes

Harry Smith was the younger brother of Thomas, after whom Thomas’s Fund was named, and a great ambassador for the charity. He died, aged 12, after a lifelong battle with the same neuro-degenerative condition, in December 2010.

Harry Smith

…a wonderful life. Brave and cheerful, he lived his life to the full. Harry made a difference, not only to our lives, but to the lives of a lot of people.

(Harry’s dad, Tim)

Tim and Lucy decided to launch ‘HARRY’S HEROES’ in his honour. People, who help the fund can become ‘Harry’s Heroes’. If they wish, they can enter ‘HARRY’S HALL OF HEROES’ : a place where special donors, fundraisers and contributors to Thomas’s Fund can be celebrated, along with their contributions, and even pictures. Many donations have been made in Harry’s memory (which are greatly appreciated) alongside amazing fundraising events and personal donations. We are so grateful to our ‘Heroes’.

You can see one of our certificates below. Please let us know if you have done something exciting to raise money (or helped us in any other way) and would like a certificate and entry into ‘Harry’s Hall of Heroes’.

Now let’s enter the ‘Hall of Heroes’

University of Northampton ‘Changemaker’ Awards

Jan and Lucy were delighted to be invited to an event organised by The Northampton University Changemaker awards. This was ...
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Upton Cubs

Thanks to Upton Cubs for raising £63.53 collecting all their pennies ...
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UR Actors

We have had brilliant support, from UR Actors, over the years. UR Actors is a not-for-profit youth theatre group for ...
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Waendel Walkers

We are so grateful for the amazing support that we have received, over the years, from the Waendel Walkers Club ...
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Waitrose – Market Harborough, ‘Community Matters Scheme’.

Thank you to Waitrose for your donation of £333 as part of the Community Matters Scheme.We are very grateful for ...
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Wellingborough Hatton Rotary Club

Wellingborough Hatton Rotary Club We are very grateful to Wellingborough Hatton Rotary Club for the support that they have given ...
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Weston Favell Shopping Centre

Weston Favell Shopping Centre has been a very good Friend to Thomas's Fund, over the years. You can visit their ...
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